Trump-Clinton trading barbs over Orlando

Presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign is raising questions about the highly visible presence of the father of the Orlando nightclub gunman at a Clinton campaign rally Monday. Clinton supporters are noting that Trump plans to appear at an anti-LGBT group's

Kennedy, Breyer vote to stay pro-LGBT ruling

A federal appeals court's historic ruling that Title IX prohibits discrimination based on gender identity is now on hold, after Justices Anthony Kennedy and Stephen Breyer voted with conservatives to grant a temporary stay.

Legal groups take on Texas-led lawsuit

Five LGBT legal groups say more than a dozen states are attempting to avoid court rulings that say federal law prohibiting sex discrimination protects transgender students and employees.

Clinton speech: gesture to LGBT, breaking barriers

Hillary Clinton mentioned LGBT people only once in her speech Thursday night, accepting the Democratic presidential nomination, but nearly every other speaker made prominent reference to the community and its issues, including many openly LGBT speakers.

Democratic convention: ‘A home for ourselves’

The Democratic National Convention had its controversies this week, including a few boos for Barney Frank, but LGBT delegates and audiences saw a much friendlier atmosphere for their issues and concerns than at the Republican National Convention.

Clinton picks solid LGBT supporter as running mate

Hillary Clinton's vice presidential running mate will be U.S. Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, who has a solid record of supporting equal rights for LGBT people.

LGBT Republicans celebrate ‘incredible’ GOP convention

While they don't like the Republican Party's platform, LGBT Republicans in Cleveland say the speakers --including the nominee Donald Trump-- showed a much more accepting attitude than at previous conventions.

Democrats in Philadelphia: A guide to watching the “gayest ever” convention

DNC LGBT Caucus Chair Earl Fowlkes says that, among other things, he's "very hopeful" there will be an openly LGBT speaker during prime time television coverage of next week's Democratic National Convention.

GOP blockade of Obama judicial nominees snares openly gay candidate

Lesbian attorney Inga Bernstein's nomination to a federal district court seat has been pending for a year now, but a blockade of Obama nominees, including a Supreme Court nominee, portends she'll wait even longer.

Hostilities escalate as GOP approves anti-LGBT platform

Even Log Cabin Republicans expressed fury this week over the Republican Party platform's hostility to LGBT people. And the Human Rights Campaign said it is "prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to defeat” the Trump-Pence ticket.