Monthly Archives: February 2010

Memo to Maryland: Honor out-of-state marriage licenses

Just days before Washington, D.C.’s new marriage equality law is set to go into effect, the attorney general of neighboring Maryland issued a long-awaited opinion on whether same-sex marriages validated in other jurisdictions "may be recognized" under Maryland state law.

Full faith and credit helps gay parents overcome ban

The battle over equal rights to marriage has dominated much of the news concerning the LGBT civil rights movement for the past 17 years, but there have been gains recently in the battle over gay family rights in general.

Vermont judge: Fugitive mother in contempt

A family court judge in Vermont Tuesday issued a warrant for the arrest of former lesbian Lisa Miller who disappeared with the child she once shared with her former civil union partner, Janet Jenkins.

Obama’s new proposal: LGBTs still missing

President Obama released a new health care reform bill that he says incorporates work done in the House and Senate and adds ideas from Republican members of Congress. But there’s no inclusion in this new proposed measure of any of

No strong liberals among Obama’s appeals court nominees

In just a couple of months, speculation concerning the retirement of U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens will once again rev up. He’ll turn 90 in April and, last fall when justices typically do, he did not hire a

Schumer recommends Obama appoint gay fed judgeship

Of 678 federal district court judges in the country, only one has voluntarily identified as being gay? It is for that reason that there is cause for excitement that President Obama may be on the verge of nominating another.

Report that Prop 8 judge is gay: long on speculation

With no named sources and a “no comment” from the judge, the San Francisco Chronicle this week reported that it is an “open secret” in San Francisco that the federal judge presiding over the Proposition 8 trial “is himself gay.”

U.S. Tax Court registers pro-trans decision

A ruling this week by the U.S. Tax Court held that a Massachusetts woman should be permitted to deduct the medical costs associated with her transition (male to female) for the purposes of filing federal income tax returns—a ruling that

Fed budget numbers fall short but LGBT leaders fall silent

President Obama’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2011 isn’t anywhere near as much as gay and AIDS groups had sought, but the consensus seems to be that modest increases—and in some places no increases, are laudable in the current economy.

Gates, Mullen ready to repeal DADT, but GOP ready to fight

Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen told a Senate committee they have appointed a high-level working group to report on how the military can adapt should Congress choose to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t