2 responses to “Marriage equality: It’s up to you, New York”

  1. sharon

    We should have our choices who we marry,whether it be straight or gay. We our suppose to have freedom in this country,where is it.

  2. John

    I think this is a pretty good example of Larry Kramer’s criticism at – he is right but for reasons he does not quite understand. Marriage, being a ‘fundamental’ right under the U.S. Constitution, is not a ‘state’s rights’ issue and more than a water fountain – that is THE classic segregationist argument that kept Jim Crow alive. I understand we must fight the fight wherever we find it but this matter should have been in the federal courts a long, loooong, time ago. But activists were chicken and feared another Bowers. How long did it take to overturn Bowers? Not as long as marriage has floundered in the states. This has wasted millions of dollars and precious time.

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