Monthly Archives: October 2011

SLDN scoffs at DOD’s “14 benefits”

Just one day after being served notice that a federal lawsuit has been launched against it, the Department of Defense issued a press release saying it has “now identified a total of 14 benefits” available to the “beneficiaries” of all

Anti-bullying measures left out of education bill

In a blow to activists seeking to stop anti-gay bullying, two proposals to address bullying in schools were left out of an education reform bill approved by a U.S. Senate committee October 20.

SLDN challenges use of DOMA against gay service members

The Servicemembers Legal Defense Fund filed suit in a federal district court Thursday (October 27) challenging the federal Defense of Marriage Act and its use in denying to gay service members spousal benefits equal to that given to their straight

NH marriage equality faces repeal effort

New Hampshire Republicans are taking advantage of their supermajorities in the state house to push for repeal of the state’s marriage equality law.

Nov. 3 set for DOMA repeal vote in committee

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee will debate and vote on a bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) on Wednesday, November 3. Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) announced the scheduling Tuesday, October 25.

Gingrich one-ups Santorum at Iowa forum

It was one of only four questions posed to each Republican presidential hopeful Saturday (October 22) at a conservative forum in Des Moines: “What, specifically, would you do to prevent abortion-on-demand and protect traditional marriage?"

GOP Nevada debate: No marriage fight

Openly gay Democratic activist and political commentator Hilary Rosen predicted social issues, including those involving gays, would be a focus of the Nevada debate. There was reason to expect

Robinson named to Vermont high court

Lesbian attorney and civil rights activist Beth Robinson has been nominated to serve on the Vermont Supreme Court. Robinson, one of the key attorneys to lead the case for

Supreme worries: drawing the line on religious bias

The ACLU called it “one of the most important religious liberty cases in years” and said the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the matter would determine whether religious organizations have “the right to discriminate based on non-religious grounds.”

Senate confirms lesbian court nominee

The U.S. Senate voted Thursday (October 13) to confirm the nomination of lesbian attorney Alison Nathan to serve as a federal district court judge. The roll call vote was 48 to 44, thus securing Nathan’s appointment to the U.S. District Court