April Fool’s post: Wishes were ever fools

Jon Davidson, legal director for Lambda Legal Defense, had a little April Fool’s fun Monday, April 1. He posted what appeared to be an orders list from the U.S. Supreme Court on his Facebook page, which purported to show that the high court had dismissed the Proposition 8 case. Along with the image, he posted his remark, “OMG. Marriage should begin again in California this week!!”

Anyone who checked for the Supreme Court orders list before 10 a.m. Monday morning knew instantly it was a prank. But a few followers appeared to believe it, at least momentarily and some didn’t seem to think it was very funny.

The Supreme Court is not likely to rule on the two marriage equality cases until late June. But if the justices dismiss a case due to a procedural problem, that news could come any day now. To check out the orders list, go to www.supremecourt.gov, and click on “Orders and Journals,” then “Orders of the Court,” and the most recent “Order List..” The Proposition 8 case is number 12-144. The Defense of Marriage Act case is 12-307.

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  1. John from Memphis says:

    Its funny……

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