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Supreme Court sends transgender case back to lower court

The Supreme Court had decided not to postpone consideration of a case involving a transgender high school senior until a lower court can consider what it means that the Trump administration has rescinded an Obama administration guidance that Title IX

Spicer hedges on whether anti-LGBT Exec Order in works

The Nation on Wednesday published a four-page document presumed to be a draft executive order that would allow widespread discrimination against LGBT people. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer did not authenticate the document as a true draft and said

LGBT activists: ‘grave concerns’ about Gorsuch

President Trump's Supreme Court nominee clerked for the high court's most pro-LGBT justice, Anthony Kennedy, but his own judicial leanings seem much more in line with the court's most hostile justices. LGBT activists and Democrats vow to fight the nomination.

Trump won’t rescind LGBT executive order; activists still worry

Most LGBT activists reacted with concern that President Trump's reassuring “words” not to rescind a pro-LGBT executive order may not match up to his troubling “actions” of nominating people who are hostile to LGBT to key federal positions.

Trump says ‘ban’ to ‘protect Americans,’ including LGBTs

President Trump cited violence against LGBT people in both his controversial executive order restricting immigration and his memo directing the Defense Secretary to submit a plan to defeat ISIS. LGBT activists aren't applauding the gesture.

Trump term begins: silence, promise, and resistance

President Trump's transition team invited Log Cabin Republicans to weigh in on the importance of existing pro-LGBT executive orders, but most signals from the inauguration and first days of the new administration revealed areas of worry --from a new Justice

Trump’s First 100 Days: What to brace for

While Donald Trump used his campaign pulpit to urge the American people to stand in “solidarity” with the LGBT community following the Orlando nightclub massacre, his picks for key administration roles have been people with a history of standing solidly

End of 2016: ‘We are about to be tested as never before’

After such a victorious 2015, one might expect 2016 to be a little disappointing. But it was far more grim than anyone anticipated: The massacre at an LGBT nightclub, the election of a president who is bent on undoing many

Trump picks for HHS, HUD: ‘Horrifying,’ ‘Disastrous’

President-elect Trump's picks to head HHS and HUD are setting off alarms in the LGBT activist community but his pick for Secretary of Defense seems less concerning.

Trump appointees: The trend and the hope

Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education has contributed heavily to anti-gay ballot measures but demanded the resignation of a state party official whose anti-gay rhetoric she thought went too far. The trend on many of Trump's appointees thus far is