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End of 2016: ‘We are about to be tested as never before’

After such a victorious 2015, one might expect 2016 to be a little disappointing. But it was far more grim than anyone anticipated: The massacre at an LGBT nightclub, the election of a president who is bent on undoing many

Trump picks for HHS, HUD: ‘Horrifying,’ ‘Disastrous’

President-elect Trump's picks to head HHS and HUD are setting off alarms in the LGBT activist community but his pick for Secretary of Defense seems less concerning.

Trump appointees: The trend and the hope

Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education has contributed heavily to anti-gay ballot measures but demanded the resignation of a state party official whose anti-gay rhetoric she thought went too far. The trend on many of Trump's appointees thus far is

Sessions as Attorney General: A ‘chilling’ choice

President-elect Donald Trump announced Friday that he will nominate U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions for U.S. Attorney General, and the news has stirred up a great deal of concern in the LGBT legal community.

Baldwin advances up Democratic leadership

The U.S. Senate’s only openly LGBT member earned a leadership spot Wednesday, as Senate Democrats re-organize following the November 8 election. Shortly after his election Wednesday as Senate Democrats’ new Minority Leader, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer of New York announced

Trump says marriage ‘settled’; other threats loom

President-elect Trump, in his first post-election interview, said marriage equality is a settled issue, but LGBT legal activists say his administration is poised to inflict considerable damage on laws and regulations currently protecting LGBT people.

LGBT victories include first elected governor

Sixty-one percent of LGBT candidates won their races November 8, including Oregon Governor Kate Brown, who assumed office after the incumbent resigned but won the job from voters last week.

Trump defies the odds, wins the White House

It was nearly 3 a.m. Wednesday before Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had the 270 electoral votes he needed to win the White House. Exit poll data suggests only about 14 percent of LGBT voters supported him, a record low

LGBT Guide to Watching Election Night Unfold

When might the U.S. know whether it has elected its first woman president? When might the country know which party will take control of the U.S. Senate? Will the LGBT community pick up a new seat in Congress? Will Republican

Supreme Court takes up transgender Title IX case

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday said it would review a lower federal court decision that said Title IX's prohibition of discrimination against students on the basis of sex includes discrimination on the basis of gender identity.