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The bathroom scare: Old tactics aimed anew at trans-equality bills

Opponents of equal rights for LGBT people have been using "bathroom scare" tactics for some years now to try and stop bills that would prohibit discrimination against transgender people, but fears about who can use public restrooms have a long

The bathroom scare: ‘Public bathrooms just won’t be safe anymore’

A right-wing group in Massachusetts has launched a new ad campaign using an old scare tactic--the fear of sexual predators in public bathrooms. The aim is not to shore up security in public restrooms. It’s to destroy a bill to

New York marriage equality spurs on other states

Just as the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969 gave a lift to the nascent movement for equal rights for gays across the country, marriage equality in the Empire State appears to be giving a boost to marriage

Church supports rights of LGBT parents and their children

The United Church of Christ (UCC), the denomination to which President Obama belonged for two decades, resoundingly approved two resolutions support of civil rights for LGBT people--including the first-ever resolution by a major Christian denomination affirming the right of LGBT

Governor signs Rhode Island civil union law, but pleases no one

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee (I) signed a civil union bill into law on Saturday, July 2--but LGBT civil rights advocates are not happy with his decision to do so. And Chafee himself said the bill "fails to fully achieve"

Maine seeks to regain marriage equality

For the first time in history, LGBT activists are initiating a ballot measure to win marriage equality. EqualityMaine and Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) announced that they are taking steps to place a citizen’s initiative on the November

Rhode Island civil union bill passes, but pleases no one

The Rhode Island Senate passed a civil union bill 21 to 16 on Wednesday, June 29, which the governor has said he will sign but which LGBT civil rights advocates are not happy with and are urging he veto.

Lawsuit seeks marriage equality in New Jersey

Five days after the New York State legislature legalized marriage for same-sex couples, LGBT civil rights supporters in New Jersey are asking the state courts to rule that the state constitution there guarantees same-sex couples marriage equality.

LGBT suicide prevention conference shows local and national collaboration

Although there has been research dating back to the early 1970s on LGBT suicide risk, it wasn’t widely used by mainstream researchers or mental health care practitioners specializing in suicide prevention, said the director of prevention projects for the American

Federal safe schools office bumped down the org chart

The U.S. Department of Education office once headed by openly gay appointee Kevin Jennings and charged with helping with efforts to stop bullying and harassment of students, including LGBT youth, is now gone–a victim of drastic federal budget cuts.