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Trump: ‘I have great respect for the community’

President Trump was asked Thursday whether he had betrayed the LGBT community by proposing a ban on transgender service members.

Obama on LGBT equality: ‘Stay vigilant and keep working at it’

President Obama said this month he thinks the progress made on LGBT equality is "here to stay" despite pushback from some quarters of the country.

LGBT victories in Utah and Indiana but gay-baiting tactics in SC and NY

Two-thirds of openly LGBT candidates Tuesday won election or re-election, including to become the first openly gay mayor of Salt Lake City.

Ben Carson: “constitution protects everybody,” except in marriage

The Republican presidential field’s current frontrunner Ben Carson said Wednesday night he is not a homophobe and believes “our constitution protects everybody regardless of their sexual orientation.”

Biden won’t enter race for Democratic nomination

With the announcement Wednesday that Vice President Joe Biden will not seek the Democratic nomination for president in 2016, LGBT voters are now spared a tough choice: Support the man who is credited with playing a pivotal role in putting

Political license: Rubio on “family”

Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio says the Obama administration should be faulted for doing three things regarding marriage and families; he was right on one.

Obama: ‘new forms of discrimination’

Speaking to an LGBT Democratic fundraiser in New York Sunday evening, President Obama identified "new forms of discrimination" involving religious claims by politicians.

One LGBT rep voted against the Iran deal

Only one of the U.S. House’s six openly LGBT members voted against the multi-nation deal negotiated with Iran to stop its nuclear development program. Guess who didn’t?

Judge releases Kentucky clerk with instructions she should ‘not interfere’

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis walked out of jail Tuesday afternoon, eliciting cheers from hundreds of protesters who had gathered outside to demand her release. While the release is being hailed by some as a victory for Davis, the court order

Supreme Court denies stay in Kentucky clerk bid to refuse marriage licenses

In a significant blow to those who seek to use a free exercise of religion argument to discriminate against same-sex couples seeking to marry, U.S. Supreme Court on Monday evening denied an emergency request to stop enforcement of a federal