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Report urges push to get the full picture on LGBT health in CDC data sweep

A report released March 27 by the Boston-based Fenway Institute has found important health-related risks within the LGB community that are not well-documented or well-known and not addressed by prevention and treatment programs.

House passes inclusive bill for victims of domestic abuse

In a major victory for Democrats, the U.S. House voted Thursday to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

Komen controversy rattles LGBT community

As the dust settles on the flashfire controversy over a decision by the nation’s largest organization fighting breast cancer to withdraw grants from the nation’s largest provider of services regarding reproduction, the LGBT community is taking stock of the damage

LGBT suicide prevention conference shows local and national collaboration

Although there has been research dating back to the early 1970s on LGBT suicide risk, it wasn’t widely used by mainstream researchers or mental health care practitioners specializing in suicide prevention, said the director of prevention projects for the American

Schools have right to form GSAs, reminds Department of Education

Schools receiving federal funds must provide equal access to school resources for all student groups, including gay-straight alliances (GSAs), said Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in a "Dear Colleague" letter to educators on June 14.

Gay, lesbian, bisexual youth more at risk, federal study finds

Gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth are more likely than their heterosexual peers to be at increased risk for unhealthy behaviors, such as alcohol and drug use, risky sexual behaviors, and attempting suicide, according to a groundbreaking new federal study.

Jennings leaving, but says White House commitment stays

Kevin Jennings, the openly gay head of the federal office that manages its largest safe-schools and anti-bullying programs, will be leaving the U.S. Department of Education next month. But he said President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan remain

Fighting without funds: Federal money pulls out of the war on bullying

When Congress and the White House worked out their differences in early April concerning the Fiscal Year 2011 budget, it was clear that some programs important to the LGBT community would take a hit. But the consequences of their final

New federal grants to address housing needs of people with HIV/AIDS

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development on May 23 announced up to $9.1 million in grants to address the housing needs of people with low-incomes living with HIV/AIDS.

New study shows that before things “get better,” there are consequences

A popular anti-bullying campaign has been telling bullied teens "it gets better"--but the effects of past bullying often linger, according to new research.