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North Carolina latest state to put marriage on ballot

The North Carolina legislature approved a ballot question this week that seeks to amend the state constitution to ban marriage of same-sex couples.

GOP abandons ‘transparency’ vow; blocks videotape of DOMA proceeding

Remember last year’s Pledge to America from the Republican Party? It promised three times to make government “more transparent.” Well, apparently, that pledge had a hidden expiration date.

New guidelines for same-sex parenting and custody

Many contentious lawsuits involving the rights of LGBT people have occurred when a biological parent uses anti-LGBT laws to try and deny a child’s non-biological parent custody or visitation. Several LGBT organizations have published a revised set of standards aimed

New generations are advancing equality

A new national report provides data to back up what many have sensed for a long time: that the positive shift in America’s attitudes toward equal rights for LGBT people has a lot to do with age.

California court seems torn over Prop 8 standing issue

Proponents of Proposition 8 argued Tuesday that Yes on 8 must be granted standing to defend the California same-sex marriage ban in federal court; opponents argued Yes on 8 must be denied standing.

‘History could repeat itself’ on DADT, warns Log Cabin attorney

"Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" will be off the books September 20. But there is still concern among some that the removal of that specific law barring gays from the military will not stop discrimination against gays in the military.

Hearing Monday on release of Prop 8 videotapes

Even before the August 29 hearing takes place on whether to release to the public videotapes of the landmark trial challenging California’s same-sex marriage ban--Proposition 8--there has already been decision to prohibit the recording of the hearing on whether to

The bathroom scare: Old tactics aimed anew at trans-equality bills

Opponents of equal rights for LGBT people have been using "bathroom scare" tactics for some years now to try and stop bills that would prohibit discrimination against transgender people, but fears about who can use public restrooms have a long

2010 Census trend: 50 percent more same-sex couples over 2000

With only 35 states and Puerto Rico counted, the 2010 Census has already topped the 2000 Census count of same-sex couples in all 50 states.

New York marriage equality spurs on other states

Just as the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969 gave a lift to the nascent movement for equal rights for gays across the country, marriage equality in the Empire State appears to be giving a boost to marriage