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California high court will weigh in on Yes on 8 standing issue

The road to marriage equality in California just got a little longer. The California Supreme Court said today it would make ruling on whether Yes on 8 proponents have authority, under California law, to appeal a federal court ruling that

Warning: Anti-Gay States May be Hazardous to Your Health

Same-sex couples with adopted children living in states with anti-gay adoption laws and attitudes had more mental health issues in their first year of parenthood than couples with adopted children living in more accepting states, a new study has found.

North Carolina Ruling Jeopardizes Same-Sex Families

The North Carolina Supreme Court on December 20 voided the adoption by a lesbian mother of the child who she and her former partner, the biological mother, were raising together. The ruling jeopardizes the legality of all other such "second-parent

Iowa justices get the boot

All three Iowa Supreme Court justices up for retention this month have been given the boot. The vote sends a chilling message to other justices who face retention votes and must rule on the constitutionality of laws that adversely affect

Florida attorney general does not appeal gay adoption ruling

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum announced Friday that he will not challenge a September 22 state appellate court ruling that overturned Florida’s ban on adoption by gay men or lesbians. This means the 33-year-old ban has ended.

Florida Gov. and agency won’t appeal court adoption ruling

Neither the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) nor Governor Charlie Crist will appeal a September 22 ruling that overturned the state ban on adoption by gay men or lesbians. But will state Attorney General Bill McCollum appeal on

Florida: Won’t enforce adoption ban

Florida Governor Charlie Crist (I) and George Sheldon, head of the state’s Department of Children and Families (DCF), said they would no longer enforce the state ban on adoption by gay men and lesbians.

Florida Court Overturns Adoption Ban

A Florida appeals court ruled September 22 that a gay man, Frank Martin Gill, has the right to adopt the two boys he and his partner have raised for almost six years. The decision upholds a lower court ruling that

California Supreme Court says no to appeal

The California Supreme Court Wednesday night denied a petition from a conservative group seeking to force California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to participate in an appeal of the Proposition 8 case.

Movement to ban gay adoption: sacrificing the well-being of children

The case of two gay foster parents in Florida has created a dilemma for the courts: either they honor state law banning adoption by gay men and lesbians or honor their duty to rule in the best interests of the