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Hostilities escalate as GOP approves anti-LGBT platform

Even Log Cabin Republicans expressed fury this week over the Republican Party platform's hostility to LGBT people. And the Human Rights Campaign said it is "prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to defeat” the Trump-Pence ticket.

Trump confirms: Indiana Governor Pence will be his running mate

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump just confirmed that he's asked Indiana Governor Mike Pence to be his running mate. Pence has a long record of opposition to equal rights for LGBT people, but he made many conservatives mad last year

House committee holds hearing on bill to allow discrimination based on ‘religious’ and ‘moral’ beliefs

Rep. Elijah Cummings said he couldn't imagine "a more inappropriate day to hold" a hearing on a bill seeking to allow discrimination against LGBT people. The House committee hearing, on the one-month anniversary of the Orlando nightclub shooting, featured the

GOP Convention: Some LGBT events in Cleveland but only half of six LGBT delegates are pledged to Trump

The Republican convention next week is expected to nominate its most LGBT friendly presidential candidate ever, but only half of the six openly LGBT delegates to the convention are pledged to support him. Here's what to watch for next week

GOP marriage fight: Modest plea by first openly gay platform committee member is soundly rebuffed

Lesbian Rachel Hoff, the first openly gay member of the Republican National Convention's platform committee, offered a carefully tempered proposal Monday to have the party welcome "thoughtful conversation" about marriage for same-sex couple. Instead, she got a "slap in the

Trump and Clinton spar over Orlando attack

In the wake of the attack on an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said this week that LGBT people have reason to support his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

LGBT favorite Clinton secures Dem nomination, Trump promises attack

Hillary Clinton became the first woman in U.S. history to secure the presidential nomination of a major party; Bernie Sanders’ attack on Barney Frank unsuccessful; Donald Trump promises an attack speech next week.

Senate clears gay man to become Secretary of the Army

The U.S. Senate Tuesday confirmed Eric Fanning as Secretary of the Army, making him the first openly gay person to head up a branch of the military.

Indiana’s stranger-than-fiction primary: Cruz attack on political correctness fails

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz relied heavily in Indiana on attacking the 'political correctness' of efforts to protect transgender people from discrimination, but it didn't save his campaign. Democrat Bernie Sanders wins in Indiana and sings new tune: It's not

Gender and gender identity take center stage in five-state primary

Cruz taunts Trump for not supporting 'bathroom laws;' Trump claims 'If Hillary were a man,' she wouldn't be a viable candidate.