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2nd debate: Rolling downhill without wheels

Democrat Hillary Clinton made clear that preserving marriage equality would be a top consideration for her in choosing Supreme Court nominees. Republican Donald Trump said his top priority would be to choose someone in the mode of Justice Antonin Scalia.

One candidate is half way, another seeks loyalty oath, a third backs down

Hillary Clinton now has more than half the delegates needed to secure the Democratic presidential nomination. Some Donald Trump supporters are executing a haunting salute while swearing to vote for him. And John Kasich suggests gay couples are 'pressuring' businesses

Speed Read: Aiken wins in N.C.

Openly gay American Idol star Clay Aiken appeared to have won the Democratic primary last night for a U.S. House seat from North Carolina. Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky says in Vanity Fair that Rutgers student Tyler Clementi's suicide

Marriage cases preview, Part 2: The presidential punch

How strong a position did the Obama administration take in its briefs on the Supreme Court marriage cases—and can it make a difference? The following is the second in a four-part series to prepare readers for what to expect March

NC approves constitutional ban: 61 to 39

For those in the LGBT community who have watched state after state pass constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriage, the results in North Carolina were expected: Voters approved the ban by a margin of roughly 61 percent to 39 percent,

2010’s events predict more, and less, in 2011

If past is prologue, 2011 should turn out to be a fairly decent one for the LGBT community. It’s not that everything turned out so rosy for the community in 2010, but the gains registered more powerfully than the losses.

House mid-terms: A sinking feeling

The mid-term election for Democrats is beginning to sound like the Titanic. The gigantic wonder that set sail in January 2009 is now sinking, the passengers are in a state of panic, and the rich corporations have taken all the

With House in question, is Frank ‘running scared’?

The first in a three-part series on the mid-term elections It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the angst surrounding next month’s Congressional elections. The 24/7 media are hyping a Republican takeover of the House and maybe the Senate. A switch in

Presidential Pride Proclamations: A measure of presidents and progress

President Barack Obama has for the second time issued a proclamation in honor of Pride Month. Only one other president—Bill Clinton—has ever done so. A comparison of their proclamations suggests there’s been some progress in LGBT civil rights between the

Schumer recommends Obama appoint gay fed judgeship

Of 678 federal district court judges in the country, only one has voluntarily identified as being gay? It is for that reason that there is cause for excitement that President Obama may be on the verge of nominating another.