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Speed Read: ‘Revenge for my views’

President Obama’s second executive order calling for sanctions against the Russian government over its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula identifies Yelena Mizulina, author of the anti-gay laws, as one of seven individual Russian leaders for specific sanctions. New Hampshire is

Senate committee prepares to square off over LGBT immigration status

In front of an unusually combative U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, former Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Kolbe urged members on Monday (April 22) to “fix” the current immigration reform bill by adding language to help LGBT citizens with foreign partners or

LGBT centers fear drastic impact if agreement not reached on ‘fiscal cliff’

Chances are, if you are even remotely plugged into the news, you’ve grown weary of hearing about the “fiscal cliff.” That’s the metaphor du jour for the sudden and dramatic cuts in federal spending and tax breaks set to occur

Pawlenty boasts of anti-gay positions

Unannounced Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty underscored his right-wing credentials with Iowa Republicans Monday, February 7, assuring them that he opposes repeal of the ban on gays in the military and thinks it would be "reasonable" to rescind funding to

2010: The perfect alignment and the quiet costs

The suspense is over: The U.S. Senate finally took a vote on a bill to repeal the ban on openly gay people in the military and passed it, 65 to 31. Having Congress pass that bill, to repeal Don’t Ask

Obama jumps in on DADT; Reid agrees to stay the course

It has become a day-by-day thing. One day, momentum for repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell takes a turn for the better; the next day, it takes a turn for the worse. The latest turn is for the better. President Obama and

Fed partner benefits: The ‘pay-for’ hurdle

When President Obama issued a memorandum extending certain benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees, he noted there are still certain benefits he cannot extend under current law. But the legislation the president and many LGBT organizations are touting

Grilling of 9th circuit nominee delayed

The Senate Judiciary Committee was squaring up for a showdown this week over President Obama’s most controversial judicial nominee to date, but that showdown has been indefinitely delayed, while Republicans use a parliamentary delaying tactic on the companion bill to