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Transgender litigation moving quickly through courts

Transgender people in North Carolina won a temporary and partial reprieve Friday from that state's restrictions on their use of public bathrooms, and other critical lawsuits testing rights for transgender people are also moving quickly toward the Supreme Court.

Speed Read: Booted from the closet

Oregon group is seeking religious belief exemptions through ballot measure. Congressional Black Caucus pressures U.S. to do more about anti-gay laws in Uganda and other countries. And a former Idaho state senator loses her visiting privileges after being found hanging

Speed Read: Bias bill is pro-gay?

Proponents of a stalled religious bias bill in Kansas are sending out letters claiming the bill helps LGBT people. Uganda's president announced this morning he would sign the parliament's Anti-Homosexuality Act this morning. Big television campaign being launched today.

Gay group sues gay group for bias against bisexuals

In what may be a legal first, a national gay legal group has filed suit against a national gay sports group for discriminating based on sexual orientation—against straights and bisexuals.

Obama appoints first openly transgender people to posts

Amanda Simpson started work this week as one of the first transgender persons ever to receive a presidential appointment to an executive branch post in any administration. The honor as the first belongs to Dylan Orr, a 30-year-old law school