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Clinton shines light on gay lawsuit against Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton included her usual support for marriage equality in her stump speech Monday in New Hampshire, and added a note about a recently discovered lawsuit by a gay man against a Trump golf club for allowing

Trump-Clinton trading barbs over Orlando

Presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign is raising questions about the highly visible presence of the father of the Orlando nightclub gunman at a Clinton campaign rally Monday. Clinton supporters are noting that Trump plans to appear at an anti-LGBT group's

Fourth Circuit clash over Virginia ban: Whose children must the state protect with marriage laws?

The Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals hearing Tuesday was, as Judge Paul Niemeyer characterized it, just one step along the way to an eventual U.S. Supreme Court ruling on whether states, like Virginia, can ban same-sex couples from marrying.

Viewers’ Guide to Prop 8 argument December 6

A federal appeals panel in San Francisco will hear oral arguments Monday in the landmark challenge to Proposition 8—California’s voter-passed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. We’ve compiled some key information most court watchers will need to know and will want to

President uses recess appointment for gay man

The White House announced Thursday, August 19, that President Obama was using the recess appointment to install openly gay nominee Richard Sorian as Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Kagan — Gays are constituency, not priority

It’s been clear since Elena Kagan was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court that her confirmation hearing would be unusually focused on things gay. First, there were the complaints that she barred military recruiters from Harvard Law School while she was