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DADT repeal booed during GOP debate

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was driven home before a national television audience Thursday, September 22. That’s when an active duty soldier in Iraq identified himself as being gay and asked Republican presidential hopefuls whether they would, as

LGBT issues again absent from Tea Party debate

There were no LGBT-related questions during Monday night’s Republican presidential debate (September 12), even though the driving interest behind the debate was the Republican Party’s far right-wing.

Zero LGBT questions at one debate, a flood at another

There was a complete absence of questions about LGBT-related issues at last night’s (September 7) debate among eight of the announced Republican presidential candidates. That stood in stark contrast to just two days earlier (September 5).

Iowa debate: GOP pushing hard to the right on marriage for same-sex couples

There were several head-turning zingers, and combative attacks on fellow candidates in Thursday night's Republican presidential debate, but overall, the forum delivered a hard push to the right-wing on same-sex marriage and a stony silence for equality.

Fox News bars gay candidate from Iowa debate

Openly gay presidential candidate Fred Karger will once again be left out of a nationally televised debate among Republican presidential hopefuls--this time, in Iowa on Thursday night.

Some surprises in GOP presidential debate

The seven Republican presidential candidates showed some differences on gay-related issues in their first high-profile debate Monday night--with some surprises.

Gay presidential candidate left out, again

Openly gay candidate Fred Karger will not be on the stage next Monday night when CNN broadcasts the first major debate of the 2012 presidential campaign. But enough major candidates will take part in this event to ensure a significant