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Clinton stumbles, Trump promises ‘religious liberty’

Hillary Clinton's remarks before an LGBT fundraiser Friday were being compared to Mitt Romney's famously damaging "47 percent" quip in his failed presidential bid. Meanwhile, Donald Trump praised anti-gay activist Phyllis Schlafly and promised a conservative religious group Friday that

Speed Read: Zero not low enough

Idaho has asked the Ninth Circuit to let it skip the first round three-judge panel in its appeal regarding its state ban on same-sex couples marrying. GOProud says news of its shutting down is greatly exaggerated. GLAD sues the maker

Speed Read: Tuesday 15 October 2013

Federal judge may rule tomorrow on whether Michigan must start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Supreme Court hears case today that could affect future ballot challenges to state bans on marriage equality. New Jersey Senate candidate fires top aide

Perry: ‘Nothing’ to embarrass supporters

Texas Governor Rick Perry assured an audience of potential donors last weekend that there is “nothing” in his personal life that will embarrass them should they support his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

DOJ-DOMA aftermath: swell or tsunami?

Political decisions are a lot like oceanic earthquakes. First, there’s the quake, and then there’s the wave. Nobody can tell just how significant the wave is until it reaches land and, sometimes, the wave has greater impact than the earthquake;

No initiatives, but marriage still an issue

There are no anti-gay initiatives or referenda on any statewide ballots November 2, but that doesn’t mean that same-sex marriages is no longer a political hot potato. Quite the contrary.

13 races to worry about Nov. 2

For hard-core political junkies in the LGBT community, there’s a lot to worry about in the November 2 voting—and not just because there’s the possibility of Republicans taking over the U.S. House and Senate. A number of races around the

GOP “Pledge” honors only “traditional marriage”

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives revealed their “Pledge to America,” and it includes a pledge to “to honor families, traditional marriage, life, and the private and faith-based organizations that form the core of our American values.” That reference

Compromise DADT repeal poised for votes now in Congress

A measure to repeal the 16-year-old federal law excluding openly gay people from the military started up the Congressional ladder this week—with a reluctant nod from the White House and a controversial rewrite.

President directs HHS to crack down on hospitals barring LGBT partners

President Obama issued a surprise memorandum Thursday night, April 15, calling for an end to discrimination against LGBT people by hospital visitation policies that limit visitors to immediate family members.