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Gay intern rushed to Giffords’ side, hailed as hero

The young Congressional intern who provided critical first aid to U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords after she was shot in the head Saturday is a gay man, Daniel Hernandez Jr.

Media asks for broadcast of Prop 8 closing

More than a dozen mainstream media news organizations petitioned the federal judge Tuesday to allow broadcast and webcast of closing arguments in the Proposition 8 lawsuit “to enhance the public’s ability to witness the parties’ respective closing arguments in this

Grilling of 9th circuit nominee delayed

The Senate Judiciary Committee was squaring up for a showdown this week over President Obama’s most controversial judicial nominee to date, but that showdown has been indefinitely delayed, while Republicans use a parliamentary delaying tactic on the companion bill to

Boies grills Prop 8 supporter over attacks against gays

William Tam is what lawyers call an “adverse” witness. The head of a small coalition of Asian Americans in the San Francisco area who are opposed to same-sex marriage, Tam made a name for himself by propagating some of the