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Speed Read: ‘Might have 3 votes’

Openly gay gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud has taken a dip in the polls in Maine. A Texas judge says the state "cannot discriminate against same-sex couples." And Mary Cheney is back in action this week for Republicans.

Speed Read: Mississippi warning

An LGBT activist group sent out a “Travel Alert” March 6 warning LGBT people not to travel alone in Mississippi but some activists say LGBT people should converge on the state. Some fear a lawsuit in Indiana might stir a

Speed Read: Thursday 19 December 2013

The Supreme Court refused this week to take up a case to determine if a state has liability when it fails to protect a student from a bully. A report says an official under President George W. Bush deliberately target

Gay-straight alliances help LGBT youth, young adults

Gay-straight alliance clubs in middle schools and high schools help youth not only while they are in school, but also later in life, according to a new study.

Groups angry over omission of bullying

LGBT groups are lining up against the annual bill to reauthorize spending for U.S. Department of Education, but it’s not what the department does that’s making them angry.

LGBT students: Safer this year?

Anti-LGBT bullying took the national stage last fall after the highly publicized suicides of several teens bullied for being gay or perceived to be. The relentless bullying, many believe, may have been one of the contributing factors in their decisions

Federal safe schools office bumped down the org chart

The U.S. Department of Education office once headed by openly gay appointee Kevin Jennings and charged with helping with efforts to stop bullying and harassment of students, including LGBT youth, is now gone–a victim of drastic federal budget cuts.

The T-shirt Wars: Courts struggle to find balance between free speech and harassment

A recent federal court decision--in a case stemming from a conservative response to GLSEN's Day of Silence--has upheld the right of students to express certain anti-gay sentiments.

Feds support new national LGBT youth suicide prevention task force

A national task force dedicated to suicide prevention among LGBT youth will be part of the new National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, a public-private partnership supported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Fed grants awarded to begin addressing bullying and safe schools

The U.S. Department of Education announced the awarding of $38.8 million in grants to 11 states from a new Safe and Supportive School program, just days after a media blitz about the bullying-related suicides of five teenagers. But the grants