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Speed Read: ‘Real world’ unknown

Lambda sues doctor who tells transgender woman that she won't treat "people like you." Tenth Circuit judge grills Oklahoma ban attorney over what harm same-sex marriages could cause. And Prop 8 defender Charles Cooper is preparing to celebrate his daughter's

Speed Read: ‘Reasoned consideration’

About 100 same-sex couples were able to marry in Michigan Saturday before a federal appeals court issued a temporary stay of a ruling that the state ban on same-sex couples marrying is unconstitutional. Vice President Joe Biden set the bar

Rhode Island gay House speaker resigns post following raid on home and office

The openly gay speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, Gordon Fox, abruptly resigned his leadership position Saturday following a raid by state and federal investigators on his home and State House office Friday.

Rhode Island marriage law signed; Two more states could vote next week

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee signed a marriage equality bill into law this evening, just an hour after the state House gave the measure its final procedural approval. Two more states could approve marriage for same-sex couples next week.

Rhode Island marriage bill clears final hurdle with all Republicans

After a moving speech by a senator who described herself as a lifelong, devout Catholic and said she would support marriage equality, the Rhode Island Senate Wednesday afternoon voted to approve a bill allowing same-sex couples to marry in the

Bills in Rhode Island and Illinois put states in race to become Number 10

The race to become the tenth state to provide marriage equality for same-sex couples is underway, with Rhode Island and Illinois running neck-and-neck. Marriage equality bills were launched in both states’ legislatures last week.

LGBT candidates score long list of firsts

A first-ever openly gay person elected U.S. Senator, the largest ever number of openly LGBT people elected to Congress, two new speakers at state houses, the first-ever openly transgender person elected to a state legislature, and the first openly LGBT

Governor signs Rhode Island civil union law, but pleases no one

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee (I) signed a civil union bill into law on Saturday, July 2--but LGBT civil rights advocates are not happy with his decision to do so. And Chafee himself said the bill "fails to fully achieve"

Rhode Island civil union bill passes, but pleases no one

The Rhode Island Senate passed a civil union bill 21 to 16 on Wednesday, June 29, which the governor has said he will sign but which LGBT civil rights advocates are not happy with and are urging he veto.

Marriage equality: It’s up to you, New York

The openly gay sponsor of a marriage equality bill in Rhode Island has said he would push for civil unions instead. Six states are considering legislation that would ask voters to ban recognition of marriage for same-sex couples. And all