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Supreme Court upholds health insurance subsidies critical to people with HIV

The U.S. Supreme Court, in a 6 to 3 decision, upheld the right of the federal government to provide health care insurance subsidies to people with low income in states that have chosen not to participate in the Affordable Care

Supreme Court hearing on religious exemptions seems “deeply worrisome”

The implications of two U.S. Supreme Court cases argued Tuesday for LGBT people and for laws that seek to prevent discrimination against LGBT people were a big part of the political discourse Tuesday afternoon. Jenny Pizer, director of Lambda Legal’s

Speed Read: Tuesday 3 December 2013

President Obama noted that his administration has been able to clear the 9,000-person long waiting list for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program. A CDC report last Friday warned that men having sex with men account for at least half of

Appeals court hears HIV ‘direct threat’ case

Lambda Legal Defense argued before the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Wednesday, January 25, that the Atlanta Police Department violated the rights of a man with HIV who applied to join the force. Lambda HIV Project Director Scott Schoettes,

New study shows that before things “get better,” there are consequences

A popular anti-bullying campaign has been telling bullied teens "it gets better"--but the effects of past bullying often linger, according to new research.

Budget battle: LGBT and HIV programs escape the axe

There was a lot of talk during the final days of the federal budget negotiations that House Republican leaders were trying to insert policy amendments about "social issues" into the budget. And since the White House and Republicans struck a

House plays “chicken” with budget votes; seeks huge cuts in current year

The U.S. House of Representatives over the weekend passed a $1.2 trillion budget for the current Fiscal Year (FY 2011), one that includes significant cuts likely to impact the LGBT community and “massive” cuts to programs for people with HIV.

FY 2012 budget: ‘Could have been worse’…and might be still

There was relatively little for the LGBT and HIV communities to complain about in the proposed Fiscal Year 2012 budget released by President Obama Monday. And given the president’s proposed five-year freeze in non-essential domestic spending, there were some sighs

HUD clarifies LGBT housing discrimination protections

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced new guidance to help LGBT people who encounter discrimination in housing. Two LGBT leaders familiar with housing issues say the move is “very significant” and “much needed.”

Presidential Pride Proclamations: A measure of presidents and progress

President Barack Obama has for the second time issued a proclamation in honor of Pride Month. Only one other president—Bill Clinton—has ever done so. A comparison of their proclamations suggests there’s been some progress in LGBT civil rights between the