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Speed Read: ‘Raw nerves’ over book

Openly lesbian Massachusetts attorney general candidate Maura Healey racked up a string of endorsements recently from women’s PACS: EMILY’s List, Women’s Campaign Fund, Feminist Majority, and Barbara Lee. But openly gay Republican candidate for the U.S. House out of San

Speed Read: ‘Reasoned consideration’

About 100 same-sex couples were able to marry in Michigan Saturday before a federal appeals court issued a temporary stay of a ruling that the state ban on same-sex couples marrying is unconstitutional. Vice President Joe Biden set the bar

Speed Read: Crowd cheers rainbows

The crowd at Boston's St. Patrick's Day Parade Sunday cheered a group of gay men who walked behind a "diversity" float, tossing rainbow-colored beads to observers. Sam Adams beer makers and Heineken withdrew their sponsorship of the parades for excluding

Speed Read: Tuesday 15 October 2013

Federal judge may rule tomorrow on whether Michigan must start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Supreme Court hears case today that could affect future ballot challenges to state bans on marriage equality. New Jersey Senate candidate fires top aide

Speed Read: Friday 4 October 2013

Vice President Biden has backed out of the HRC dinner Saturday night; head of one of the nation's largest sportswear companies backs marriage equality; New York Times documentary dissects Quinn's mayoral primary loss; lesbian PAC is raising funds for

House GOP writes DOMA support into rules

The Republican leaders in the U.S. House started off the 2013-14 session giving unusual prominence to their legal defense of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). As part of

Potential DOD head apologizes to LGBTs

In a development illustrating one measure of the LGBT political lobby’s influence on the Obama administration, a Republican figure said to be a top-runner to become the next Secretary of Defense apologized for his remarks 14 years ago, casting aspersions

NAACP: Marriage equality ‘won’t be a wedge issue’

Saying that the NAACP has “always stood against laws that demean, dehumanize, and discriminate against people,” NAACP Board Chairman Roslyn Brock formally announced Monday (May 21) the board’s vote in favor of a resolution supporting marriage equality.

Senate defeats effort to drop LGBT protections from domestic abuse bill

A casual listener to U.S. Senate debate Thursday (April 26) would not have heard the skirmish over protections for LGBT victims of domestic abuse.

HRC taps Chad Griffin as president

The next president of the nation’s largest LGBT political group will be Chad Griffin, a California activist who has made a name for himself by initiating and orchestrating one of the most important legal challenges in LGBT history.