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LGBT vote coalescing behind Clinton and leaning toward Rubio

In the wake of the biggest week so far in the 2016 presidential contest, anecdotal evidence suggests that LGBT Democrats are coalescing behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and LGBT Republicans behind U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.

One LGBT rep voted against the Iran deal

Only one of the U.S. House’s six openly LGBT members voted against the multi-nation deal negotiated with Iran to stop its nuclear development program. Guess who didn’t?

Polis tries parliamentary maneuver in hopes of moving ENDA to the floor

Because House Speaker John Boehner has vowed to block ENDA from getting a vote, the discharge petition has become the only hope to force ENDA to the floor if the Republican-dominated chamber. U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, with the backing of

Speed Read: Tough ruling in Colorado

It wasn't unusual that a federal district court judge declared Colorado's marriage ban for same-sex couples unconstitutional, but he bucked the trend by presuming the U.S. Supreme Court would grant a stay of his decision. Two potential presidential candidates make

Speed Read: A lot can happen in a week…

If this was a week you thought it was safe to take a vacation, you may have missed the big religious exemption ruling by the Supreme Court, a push for a religious exemption in President Obama's pending executive order, an

Speed Read: Fixing ‘Family Leave’

The U.S. Department of Labor will propose today that regulations for the Family and Medical Leave Act be amended to clarify that employees are eligible for FMLA leave to care for a same-sex spouse even if they live in a

Speed Read: Log Cabin attacks Polis

Log Cabin Republicans is running attack ads against an openly gay Congressman. Opponents of Houston's lesbian Mayor Annise Parker's proposed non-discrimination ordinance threaten to launch a recall election against her. North Dakota is left standing as the only state with

Speed Read: 4,000 converge on Houston

An estimated 4,000 people will be attending the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s annual Creating Change Conference starting today in Houston. Indiana House advances bill to ban same-sex marriage. Republican former senator endorses Democratic incumbent over Republican challenger in

Speed Read: Sochi worries escalate

Worries escalate for LGBT people heading to Sochi. Obama administration will recognize same-sex marriages from Utah. Virginia's new governor keeps his promise on Day One. And more....

Speed Read: Monday 9 December 2013

One openly gay U.S. representative joined a fast over the weekend; another lost his temper on the floor of the House last week; both were pressuring the House to take up an immigration reform bill. Elton John spoke out against