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Speed Read: ‘Tangible and intangible’

The Senate Judiciary Committee quietly advanced the nomination of openly gay African American judge Darrin Gayes Thursday. A federal judge in Indiana gave some relief from the ban on same-sex marriage to a lesbian couple in Indiana. Openly gay Congressional

Speed Read: Mississippi bias

The Mississippi legislature passed a religious bias bill Tuesday which many think will be used to justify discrimination against gays and blacks. Gay federal court nominee has smooth sailing in confirmation hearing. Federal judge cancels trial for one of the

Speed Read: Rewriting Windsor

Two openly gay nominees to the federal bench are pending before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. One, Darrin Gayles, has his confirmation hearing today. The other, Staci Yandle, had to respond to additional questions from one Republican concerning the

Speed Read: Nightmare in Nigeria

Authorities in Nigeria are using aggressive tactics to identify and punish gays, and the Human Rights Campaign has urged the State Department to use every tool it can to intervene. President Obama named an African American lesbian to a federal

Nominee advances, DOMA repeal rescheduled

On a voice vote, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday recommended the confirmation of openly gay attorney Michael Fitzgerald to serve on the federal bench in Los Angeles. But, at the request of Republicans, the Committee postponed its vote

Senate to vote soon on court nominee

The full U.S. Senate is expected to take up the nomination of lesbian attorney Allison Nathan sometime on or before October 11, says a staffer for the Senate Judiciary Committee.