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LGBT candidates: still some gay-baiting

A few openly LGBT candidates for public office have suffered some of the old gay-baiting and scare tactics of the past, but most of the record number of LGBT candidates this year seem to be finding acceptance --or rejection-- to

Sanders, Cruz prevail in Wisconsin; Log Cabin ponders convention options

A high turnout of Republicans gave Ted Cruz a boost in Wisconsin but also secured a 10-year stint on the Wisconsin Supreme Court for a judicial candidate who had referred to gays as "degenerates" and the feminist movement as being

One LGBT rep voted against the Iran deal

Only one of the U.S. House’s six openly LGBT members voted against the multi-nation deal negotiated with Iran to stop its nuclear development program. Guess who didn’t?

Sunday Speed: Va. stay expires Thursday

The Supreme Court could decide this week whether to extend a stay of a Fourth Circuit ruling that, if not extended, will expire Thursday morning, enabling same-sex couples to marry in Virginia and, perhaps, in other Fourth Circuit states. The

Speed Read: Virginia seeks Supreme leap

The White House welcomes the president of Uganda tomorrow to the U.S.-Africa Summit. Doubts are expressed about likelihood of Utah's appeal being accepted at the U.S. Supreme Court. And only 46 percent of LGBT people consider themselves "liberal."

Speed Read: Log Cabin gets booster

Houston Mayor Annise Parker has introduced a human rights bill that goes farther than many thought she would. A major trade group has promised "financial support" to Log Cabin Republicans. And Rep. David Cicilline is in the Ukraine to show

Speed Read: ‘We will kick them out’

An Arkansas judge said he would rule by May 1 on whether that state's ban on same-sex couples marrying is unconstitutional. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe warned last week that he'd "kick out" any foreign diplomat who tried to support equal

Speed Read: Let us eat bologna!

A federal judge in Ohio today is expected to issue his formal ruling, striking down that state's ban on same-sex couples marrying. Senator Baldwin is fighting for the right to call bologna bologna. And Rep. Kyrsten Sinema will run the

Speed Read: Speaking of Dred Scott

The Tenth Circuit judges asked questions at yesterday's hearing to examine the similarities between the current challenge to a ban on same-sex marriage and such historic legal conflicts as the Dred Scott case over a former slave's status as a

Speed Read: Mississippi warning

An LGBT activist group sent out a “Travel Alert” March 6 warning LGBT people not to travel alone in Mississippi but some activists say LGBT people should converge on the state. Some fear a lawsuit in Indiana might stir a