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Report urges push to get the full picture on LGBT health in CDC data sweep

A report released March 27 by the Boston-based Fenway Institute has found important health-related risks within the LGB community that are not well-documented or well-known and not addressed by prevention and treatment programs.

Supreme Court hearing on religious exemptions seems “deeply worrisome”

The implications of two U.S. Supreme Court cases argued Tuesday for LGBT people and for laws that seek to prevent discrimination against LGBT people were a big part of the political discourse Tuesday afternoon. Jenny Pizer, director of Lambda Legal’s

Openly gay man nominated to fed appeals court

In an historic move, President Obama this month nominated an openly gay person, Edward DuMont, to a federal appeals court judgeship—the first such openly gay nomination at that level. He also becomes the first openly gay man to be nominated

Education reform: Will it tackle LGBT-based bullying?

The Obama administration’s proposal to reform the nation’s educational system includes no specific call for anti-bullying programs in schools, and no mention of protections for students from harassment or discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. This is despite

Mid-day report: Day 9 Prop 8 trial

Friday morning’s court session began with the surprising announcement by U.S. District Court Chief Judge Vaughn Walker that he would delay the delivery of closing arguments in the case until at least several weeks after case is presented.

Mid-day report: Day 7 Prop 8 trial

The courtroom let out a collective gasp at the testimony: A 26-year-old gay man from Colorado recounted what his mother said to him—at the age of 13—when she found out he was gay.