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Miller-Jenkins defendant cooperating

A U.S. Attorney this month dropped a grand jury indictment against Timothy Miller, the man accused of helping ex-lesbian Lisa Miller sneak her daughter out of the country in defiance of court orders.

New guidelines for same-sex parenting and custody

Many contentious lawsuits involving the rights of LGBT people have occurred when a biological parent uses anti-LGBT laws to try and deny a child’s non-biological parent custody or visitation. Several LGBT organizations have published a revised set of standards aimed

Alleged kidnap accomplice charged

A man accused of helping former lesbian Lisa Miller leave the United States in violation of a court order that she turn over custody of her daughter to the child’s other mother was arraigned in a federal court in Vermont

Arrest made in Miller-Jenkins custody battle

A man accused of helping a former lesbian sneak a child out of the country, violating a court order that the mother turn the child over to her former same-sex partner, was arrested April 18 and will be arraigned in

Miller-Jenkins custody battle continues

For the fifth time, the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a petition from ex-lesbian Lisa Miller who has been fighting a Vermont Supreme Court order that she share custody with her ex-civil union partner of a child they had together.

Feldblum confirmation on secret hold for now

At least one senator has put a secret hold on the confirmation of openly gay law professor Chai Feldblum and four others to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Full faith and credit helps gay parents overcome ban

The battle over equal rights to marriage has dominated much of the news concerning the LGBT civil rights movement for the past 17 years, but there have been gains recently in the battle over gay family rights in general.

Vermont judge: Fugitive mother in contempt

A family court judge in Vermont Tuesday issued a warrant for the arrest of former lesbian Lisa Miller who disappeared with the child she once shared with her former civil union partner, Janet Jenkins.

No strong liberals among Obama’s appeals court nominees

In just a couple of months, speculation concerning the retirement of U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens will once again rev up. He’ll turn 90 in April and, last fall when justices typically do, he did not hire a

Custody dispute escalates, but courts stay faithful to the law

In a long-running interstate dispute, an “ex-lesbian” in Virginia failed to show up last Friday to transfer custody of her seven-year-old daughter to the woman’s former civil union partner.