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Speed Read: Friday 25 October 2013

Wisconsin Supreme Court considers anti-gay lawsuit's challenge to state's domestic partnership law. GLAD legal group honors author of historic Massachusetts marriage decision on tenth anniversary. McAuliffe continues to hammer Cuccinelli over anti-gay remarks. Maggie Gallagher knows how Romney could have

Assessing GOP endorsements

Endorsements can work two ways: They can draw support to a candidate or repel it. In the GOP primary campaigns, there are both.

House hearing contentious on DOJ-DOMA decision

Democrats came out swinging Friday, April 15, during a House subcommittee hearing on the Department of Justice announcement that it would curtail its defense of the federal ban on recognition of same-sex marriages.

Marriage equality in Maryland: still a long road ahead

Marriage equality in Maryland looks set to take one of two paths--and neither is likely to enable same-sex couples to marry in the Free State for many months to come.

Gays, Blackwater, and aborigines?

A look at how Proposition 8 defenders seek to justify the same-sex marriage ban What do gay political icon Harvey Milk, anti-gay marriage activist Maggie Gallagher, controversial military contractor Blackwater, and the Walibiri aborigines of Central Australia have in common?