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Movement to ban gay adoption: sacrificing the well-being of children

The case of two gay foster parents in Florida has created a dilemma for the courts: either they honor state law banning adoption by gay men and lesbians or honor their duty to rule in the best interests of the

Prop 8 witnesses debate scholarship on families

Star witnesses for both sides in the recent Proposition 8 trial agreed on one thing: Children of same-sex parents benefit from having two parents who are happily married to each other.

Prop 8 – Day 5: The defense stalls and pleads fear factor

It’s not often one hears these words in a federal courtroom: “Dyke. You fucking dyke. You’re going to die and go to hell.”

Mid-day report: Friday morning Prop 8 trial

There was some extra drama in and outside the courtroom this morning when one of the defense’s attorneys, David Thompson, told Judge Vaughn Walker that defense had withdrawn many of its witnesses because of their fears about being videotaped and