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GOP Convention: Some LGBT events in Cleveland but only half of six LGBT delegates are pledged to Trump

The Republican convention next week is expected to nominate its most LGBT friendly presidential candidate ever, but only half of the six openly LGBT delegates to the convention are pledged to support him. Here's what to watch for next week

Speed Read: Grand ole Badger State

A federal judge in Wisconsin struck down that state's ban on same-sex couples marrying Friday and couples immediately began picking up licenses and getting married while the state attorney general vows to challenge the ruling. North Dakota on Friday became

Judge dismisses most of NOM lawsuit against IRS over disclosure to HRC

A federal district court judge on June 3 dismissed most of a lawsuit by the National Organization for Marriage that claimed an employee of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service deliberately leaked a confidential tax document from NOM to the Human

Speed Read: Robert Gates disses Obama

New Mexico's Republican governor won't support a push to approve a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates disses President Obama over Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal. And more...

Speed Read: Friday 25 October 2013

Wisconsin Supreme Court considers anti-gay lawsuit's challenge to state's domestic partnership law. GLAD legal group honors author of historic Massachusetts marriage decision on tenth anniversary. McAuliffe continues to hammer Cuccinelli over anti-gay remarks. Maggie Gallagher knows how Romney could have

Obama victory bolsters LGBT issues, candidates

In the November 6 race with the greatest impact on the LGBT community, President Obama secured re-election Tuesday night, winning both the popular and electoral vote majorities.

Last-minute polls: Historic votes possible

The last polls taken before today’s voting looked mostly promising --maybe even history-making-- for LGBT related issues and candidates.

Despite contrast, LGBT vote is likely to split 3 to 1 as usual

There are many key votes on the line next Tuesday: The first real prospect for electing an openly gay person to the U.S. Senate, the probability of winning a marriage equality vote in at least one of five states, and

Frank’s slam against GOP gays not likely to woo votes to Obama

The presidential finish line is eight weeks off, and there’s little indication that the LGBT vote in this year’s presidential election will divide up any differently than it has in the past several: 3 to 1 for the Democrat. But

Roberts leads decision to uphold health reform law

In a dramatic move with significant political and economic implications, a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday (June 28) voted to uphold President Obama’s landmark health care reform law.