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Loud clash over same-sex marriage: Where personal and political meet

It has been a dizzying week for same-sex marriage. Consider this: The front cover of Newsweek magazine on Monday (May 14) carried a photograph of President Obama with the caption “The First Gay President.” The president appeared on a nationally televised

Grenell: Uncharacteristic surrender

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s openly gay advisor on foreign policy resigned Tuesday (May 1), just two weeks after the campaign announced his role.

Republicans wrestle against including LGBT in law to prevent domestic violence

The U.S. Senate will try again this week to consider reauthorization of a law to prevent domestic abuse, but for weeks now, the routine, non-controversial law has been tied up in partisan disputes over new provisions, including one to eliminate

Romney names gay to foreign affairs team

Republican presidential nominee apparent Mitt Romney has begun his run toward the political middle, and one aspect of that shift appears to have been the choosing an openly gay man to his team of campaign advisors.

Countdown to North Carolina: How Santorum is helping

Less than three weeks before voters in North Carolina go to the polls to cast a vote on same-sex marriage early voting has begun, an embarrassing sex scandal involving the state Democratic Party has burst into the national media.

Poll: few see big difference between Obama, Romney on marriage

A recent poll suggests that most Americans “trust” President Obama over Mitt Romney to “do a better job” at “dealing with social issues such as abortion and gay marriages,” but it's not a big difference.

Rosen in the hot seat over barb against Romney’s attitude toward women

Longtime Democratic and lesbian activist Hilary Rosen was in the proverbial political hotseat this week over a critique she offered Wednesday night regarding Republican presidential nominee-apparent Mitt Romney.

Santorum drops out

Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum was one of the most virulently anti-gay candidates in the large field of Republican presidential wannabes who started out last year. And most political observers said early on and often that Santorum’s harsh positions against

Anti-gay robo-calls continue but Romney wins Illinois

A robo-called aimed at attacking Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney over his positions--and alleged positions--on gay civil rights apparently had little effect in Illinois’ primary Tuesday. Romney won the primary with ease and racked up the lion’s share of its delegates.

Group touts robo call attack on Romney

There was no surprise in Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary results: The field’s most conservative candidate, Rick Santorum, won primaries in two of the nation’s most conservative states. The candidate with the most stated support of Republican gays, Mitt Romney, tied