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Speed Read: All eyes on Supreme Court

Seven major LGBT groups have withdrawn their support for ENDA, amidst a raging debate over whether the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision is good or bad for the community and whether the LGBT community should accept a religious exemption to

Speed Read: Michigan trial begins today

MICHIGAN TRIAL STARTS TODAY: A federal judge in Detroit will begin hearing testimony today in a lesbian couple’s challenge to the state law banning same-sex couples from marrying. The case, DeBoer v. Michigan, started out as a lawsuit to challenge

Concerted effort underway to get more Republicans behind ENDA

Now that Congress has a little breathing room to discuss legislation beyond the budget, groups hoping to advance bills to help their cause are pushing hard to move their bills to the floor.

LGBT centers fear drastic impact if agreement not reached on ‘fiscal cliff’

Chances are, if you are even remotely plugged into the news, you’ve grown weary of hearing about the “fiscal cliff.” That’s the metaphor du jour for the sudden and dramatic cuts in federal spending and tax breaks set to occur

NAACP: Marriage equality ‘won’t be a wedge issue’

Saying that the NAACP has “always stood against laws that demean, dehumanize, and discriminate against people,” NAACP Board Chairman Roslyn Brock formally announced Monday (May 21) the board’s vote in favor of a resolution supporting marriage equality.

Republicans wrestle against including LGBT in law to prevent domestic violence

The U.S. Senate will try again this week to consider reauthorization of a law to prevent domestic abuse, but for weeks now, the routine, non-controversial law has been tied up in partisan disputes over new provisions, including one to eliminate

Rejecting an executive order: Is it the DADT repeal strategy or a campaign decision?

The Obama administration revealed a political calculation last week: Now is not a good time to sign an executive order prohibiting discrimination against LGBT people who work for federal contractors. There has been more than the usual expression of “disappointment” from

White House Twitter session: no news

There was no breaking news on Thursday morning’s “White House Chat” with the LGBT community, but the questions posed were probably a good barometer of what many in the community believe President Obama should be doing in 2012.

Finances at ‘turning point’ for groups

How well the LGBT groups are doing financially may well depend on whether one sees a glass as “half empty” or “half full,” but a new report, released Tuesday (December 6) by an independent think tank, certainly provides some facts

Groups angry over omission of bullying

LGBT groups are lining up against the annual bill to reauthorize spending for U.S. Department of Education, but it’s not what the department does that’s making them angry.