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Romney holds lead, Palin ponders role

Their positions on same-sex marriage haven’t changed, and Super Tuesday voting showed that the tightly packed nature of the four-man Republican presidential race has not changed either—except, perhaps, for a surprise comment Tuesday night by former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin

Santorum re-emerges with a sweep

The one Republican presidential candidate who gay Republicans most love to hate scored three victories on the campaign trail Tuesday, reviving his struggling, longshot bid for the party nomination.

GOP gays and Florida back Romney

R. Clarke Cooper, head of the national Log Cabin Republicans group, said Mitt Romney won an “informal vote” among the leaders of Florida’s three chapters on the Saturday before Tuesday’s primary. And voters in Florida’s Republican primary on Tuesday gave

South Carolina gives Gingrich a boost

Three different contests, three different winners, and none of the remaining four major candidates for the Republican presidential nomination has a record of supporting equal rights for gays. But

Gingrich deflects tough question

Newt Gingrich’s combativeness at a debate in South Carolina Thursday night worked the live audience into a frenzy of standing ovations at the very start of the two-hour event. The audience cheered wildly and stood several times as Gingrich

GOP field slugging it out in SC

The South Carolina primary has distinguished itself in the past by bringing out the worst in campaign tactics. So it is no surprise that this week, some Republican contenders accused supporters of Rick Santorum of rigging a consensus vote by

Assessing GOP endorsements

Endorsements can work two ways: They can draw support to a candidate or repel it. In the GOP primary campaigns, there are both.

Candidates defend views on marriage

The audience in New Hampshire listening to Saturday night’s debate grew noisily restless with reporters’ questions about the right to privacy as it regards contraception. But when the topic became same-sex marriage, they seemed to be listening more quietly

Perry, Gingrich playing to Iowa’s evangelicals

The television ad of Republican presidential long-shot Rick Perry, that pits gays in the military as the ideological foil to children celebrating Christmas, earned the candidate some tense moments on the campaign trail last week, from both gays and straights

One advocate for “protecting marriage” departs

It was one week after Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain told The Hill newspaper, “I think marriage should be protected at the federal level," that allegations began emerging to suggest Cain himself had not been protecting marriage at the personal