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Ten stories that left a mark on 2014

2014 played second-fiddle to 2013's blockbuster year in LGBT news, but there were still some tremendous gains and losses worthy of a second look.

Sunday Speed: 3 cases at Supreme Court

Three separate appeals were filed with the Supreme Court this week, seeking the high court's ruling on whether states can ban same-sex couples from marrying or refuse to recognize the marriage licenses same-sex couples have obtained in other states. A

Speed Read: Virginia seeks Supreme leap

The White House welcomes the president of Uganda tomorrow to the U.S.-Africa Summit. Doubts are expressed about likelihood of Utah's appeal being accepted at the U.S. Supreme Court. And only 46 percent of LGBT people consider themselves "liberal."

Speed Read: Booted from the closet

Oregon group is seeking religious belief exemptions through ballot measure. Congressional Black Caucus pressures U.S. to do more about anti-gay laws in Uganda and other countries. And a former Idaho state senator loses her visiting privileges after being found hanging

Speed Read: Damned to hell

The state's final witness yesterday in a trial over Michigan's law banning same-sex couples from marrying told the court he thinks gays are eternally damned to hell. An Arizona state senator came out as gay this week. Four more men

Speed Read: Arizona joins a trend

The Arizona Senate on Wednesday passed a bill that allows people to claim a religious belief in order to discriminate based on sexual orientation; the state House is expected to consider the bill today. A federal judge in Virginia ponders

Speed Read: Mob attack in Nigeria

A “mob” of about 40 people dragged 14 young men from their beds in the Nigerian capital Abuja last Thursday night and beat them with wooden clubs and iron bars. Ted Cruz tries to stem the tide of state marriage

Speed Read: Lesbian Assembly Speaker

San Diego’s Democratic Assemblymember Toni Atkins won election Wednesday as California’s new Speaker of the Assembly. Openly gay Republican Richard Tisei announces today his second bid for a U.S. House seat from Massachusetts. The Indiana constitutional ban on same-sex marriage

Speed Read: Nightmare in Nigeria

Authorities in Nigeria are using aggressive tactics to identify and punish gays, and the Human Rights Campaign has urged the State Department to use every tool it can to intervene. President Obama named an African American lesbian to a federal

Speed Read: Another one bites the dust

Another ban bites the dust: a federal judge in Oklahoma says the state's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. But he delays implementation of his decision until the Tenth Circuit can address appeals. A Virginia senate committee tables an attempt