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Supreme Court sends transgender case back to lower court

The Supreme Court had decided not to postpone consideration of a case involving a transgender high school senior until a lower court can consider what it means that the Trump administration has rescinded an Obama administration guidance that Title IX

Ten stories that left a mark on 2014

2014 played second-fiddle to 2013's blockbuster year in LGBT news, but there were still some tremendous gains and losses worthy of a second look.

Speed Read: No religious exemption

President Obama will sign an executive order tomorrow that prohibits federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT people but, importantly, it does not provide a new exemption to allow contractors to claim a religious-based need to discriminate.

Fourth Circuit clash over Virginia ban: Whose children must the state protect with marriage laws?

The Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals hearing Tuesday was, as Judge Paul Niemeyer characterized it, just one step along the way to an eventual U.S. Supreme Court ruling on whether states, like Virginia, can ban same-sex couples from marrying.

Speed Read: ‘Revenge for my views’

President Obama’s second executive order calling for sanctions against the Russian government over its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula identifies Yelena Mizulina, author of the anti-gay laws, as one of seven individual Russian leaders for specific sanctions. New Hampshire is

Speed Read: Blunt messages

President Obama delivers powerful messages on discrimination. UN Secretary-General speaks out about Russia's anti-gay laws. Williams Institute study finds 29 percent LGBT people need food stamps.

Speed Read: U.N. dings Vatican

A United Nations report openly criticizes the Vatican for contributing to the stigmatizing of gays and their children. Clay Aiken tosses his hat into the ring. Obama tries another nominee for Florida.

Speed Read: Hell freezes over

President Obama and Russian President Putin talked Tuesday about the Olympic Games but apparently nothing about concerns for LGBT civil rights supporters visiting the country. Indiana's House Speaker took the highly unusual tact of moving an ant-gay bill to another

Putin’s remarks continue to fan controversy over anti-LGBT law

President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone Tuesday on a number of issues facing both nations, including the threats being made on the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi. But they didn't talk about --at least not according

Speed Read: Wednesday 11 December 2013

Russian authorities have decided to create a "protest zone" in Sochi for the Winter Olympics. Leaders of the U.S. Senate and House armed services committee have a final funding bill for FY 14 but some of the provisions are worrisome.