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Legal groups take on Texas-led lawsuit

Five LGBT legal groups say more than a dozen states are attempting to avoid court rulings that say federal law prohibiting sex discrimination protects transgender students and employees.

Sunday Speed: 3 cases at Supreme Court

Three separate appeals were filed with the Supreme Court this week, seeking the high court's ruling on whether states can ban same-sex couples from marrying or refuse to recognize the marriage licenses same-sex couples have obtained in other states. A

Speed Read: No religious exemption

President Obama will sign an executive order tomorrow that prohibits federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT people but, importantly, it does not provide a new exemption to allow contractors to claim a religious-based need to discriminate.

Mizeur falls, Maloney hits a bump, but 9 out of 12 advance in primaries

Nine of 12 openly LGBT candidates won their primary races Tuesday; but, lesbian Maryland State Delegate Heather Mizeur was not one them. And U.S. Rep. Sean Maloney was bested by his Republican opponent in a head-to-head ballot for the Independence

Speed Read: ‘Real world’ unknown

Lambda sues doctor who tells transgender woman that she won't treat "people like you." Tenth Circuit judge grills Oklahoma ban attorney over what harm same-sex marriages could cause. And Prop 8 defender Charles Cooper is preparing to celebrate his daughter's

Speed Read: Messing with Texas

The Tenth Circuit hears its second same-sex marriage appeal this afternoon. The United Nations is admonishing Brunei for its new requirement of stoning to death people who engage in sodomy. And four couples in Ohio get some limited relief from

Speed Read: Speaking of Dred Scott

The Tenth Circuit judges asked questions at yesterday's hearing to examine the similarities between the current challenge to a ban on same-sex marriage and such historic legal conflicts as the Dred Scott case over a former slave's status as a

Speed Read: Another one bites the dust

Another ban bites the dust: a federal judge in Oklahoma says the state's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. But he delays implementation of his decision until the Tenth Circuit can address appeals. A Virginia senate committee tables an attempt

Oklahoma ban ‘insulting’ to same-sex couples, says federal judge

In yet another stunning victory for marriage equality, a federal judge in Oklahoma ruled Tuesday that the state’s ban on same-sex couples obtaining marriage licenses is unconstitutional.

Speed Read: Monday 2 December 2013

Same-sex couples began marrying after just after midnight this morning in Hawaii. The U.S. Department of Labor will revise its definition of "spouse" for the Family Medical Leave Act by March. National Guards in Texas and Oklahoma force straight and