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The looming dilemma: A long short list

Renown Supreme Court advocate Ted Olson remembers the first time he had a chance to argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court: He didn’t take it. It was a First Amendment case about billboards in San Diego. Olson had

Supreme Court hearing on religious exemptions seems “deeply worrisome”

The implications of two U.S. Supreme Court cases argued Tuesday for LGBT people and for laws that seek to prevent discrimination against LGBT people were a big part of the political discourse Tuesday afternoon. Jenny Pizer, director of Lambda Legal’s

DOJ nominee gets GOP booster

Openly gay nominee Stuart Delery went into Tuesday’s confirmation hearing with at least one big endorsement: Republican former Solicitor General Paul Clement.

Kennedy’s questions: Clouds linger over standing in DOMA and Prop 8

Now that legal activists and experts have had a chance to go back over the U.S. Supreme Court arguments in last week’s two big marriage equality cases, most are predicting victories but only incremental ones.

Marriage cases preview, Part 4: Court day guide to the arguments

Part 4: Courtside guide. The avid reader’s guide to who and what to watch for at the Supreme Court on marriage argument days. The following is the last in a four-part series to prepare readers for what to expect March 26

Marriage cases preview, Part 1: Standing in the way

It is hard to overstate the potential impact of the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court cases concerning marriage for same-sex couples. The primary questions posed by the two cases—Hollingsworth v. Perry involving Proposition 8 and U.S. v. Windsor involving the Defense

The quiet drama behind the DOMA argument

The seventh-floor courtroom of the U. S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston was packed to capacity. An overflow room equipped with closed circuit TV was provided for those not arriving early enough—shortly after 8 a.m.—for seating

First circuit drills down on DOMA

BOSTON — A three-judge panel in Boston heard oral arguments Wednesday (April 4) in the first challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to reach a federal appeals court.

Lawyers arguing DOMA appeal Wednesday

When a panel of three judges on a federal appeals court hears arguments against the federal Defense of Marriage Act, three openly gay lawyers will argue the law is unconstitutional. Opposing them, one straight attorney.

Foremost DOMA case in appeals court Wednesday

One of the biggest lawsuits against the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is back in court next week, and for the first time for any DOMA challenge, it is at the federal appeals level.