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Roberts’ questions stole the spotlight; will they steal the show on marriage?

Most legal observers who watched or listened to the oral arguments from April 28 in Obergefell v. Hodges, an appeal seeking to strike down bans on same-sex marriages in four states, focused on the likelihood that Justice Anthony Kennedy will

June 26: An historic date marking victories that almost didn’t happen

Three important U.S. Supreme Court decisions have made June 26 the most historic date on the LGBT civil rights movement’s calendar. But the powerful impact of two of those decisions has almost obscured the fact that they were narrow victories.

Two edges of the same sword: Lessons from the Becker Book, Part 2

New York Times reporter Jo Becker's book paints an angry confrontation in May 2009 between the board of the American Foundation for Equal Rights and and four key LGBT civil rights legal activists when AFER unveiled its plans for a

Driving Rosa Parks: Lessons from the Becker Book, Part 1

Now that the great public gnashing of teeth has subsided over New York Times reporter Jo Becker’s history of the Proposition 8 litigation, Forcing the Spring, it appears the idea of dubbing Chad Griffin as the Rosa Parks of the

Speed Read: ‘Let’s not pick on people’

The U.S. Senate narrowly confirmed a pro-gay nominee to the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, and the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans postponed a vote on an openly gay nominee to a federal district court seat in Florida. A retired

Speed Read: NOM delay denied

A federal judge in Oregon denied the National Organization for Marriage's motion to delay hearing two lawsuits against the state's marriage ban. There's been a major pile-on of criticism for a new book out on the Proposition 8 litigation. And

Prop 8 book ‘Forcing the Spring’ triggers pile-on of criticism for ‘distortions’

There has been a dramatic pile-on of criticism around the release Tuesday of a new book about the legal case that challenged California’s Proposition 8. The book, Forcing the Spring, by New York Times writer Jo Becker, has been thoroughly

Speed Read: ‘Real world’ unknown

Lambda sues doctor who tells transgender woman that she won't treat "people like you." Tenth Circuit judge grills Oklahoma ban attorney over what harm same-sex marriages could cause. And Prop 8 defender Charles Cooper is preparing to celebrate his daughter's

Speed Read: Speaking of Dred Scott

The Tenth Circuit judges asked questions at yesterday's hearing to examine the similarities between the current challenge to a ban on same-sex marriage and such historic legal conflicts as the Dred Scott case over a former slave's status as a

2013: The movement’s most successful year

Even before the year began, everyone knew what the big news story for 2013 would be. In December 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear two high-profile cases testing the right of the federal government to treat same-sex married