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Post-DOMA: Litigation abounds to secure details and free states that still have bans, including in the south

“The lay of the land is getting a bit complicated,” says James Esseks, director of the ACLU’s National LGBT and AIDS Project. Esseks, who was one of the attorneys involved in pressing the case of Edith Windsor –the case which

Supreme Court: No decision today

The Supreme Court did not issue its decisions in the marriage cases regarding Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) laws. The two marriage decisions are apparently the most anticipated –at least by the 20,000 to 40,000 visitors

New Top 5 LGBT Supreme Court Cases

With the release of the two opinions this week from the U.S. Supreme Court, the landscape has shifted, and these two decisions take their place among the top five most important decisions for LGBT people in the movement's history:

Waiting for DOMA and Prop 8

The U.S. Supreme Court will release decisions any day now in two high-profile cases involving marriage and same-sex couples. Historically, the court has favored releasing its most controversial decisions on the last day of its October through June session. And

Kennedy’s voting record: sign of hope

Statistically speaking, there’s a better chance that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will vote with the four more liberal justices on the court in the upcoming marriage decisions than he will with the more conservative ones.

Kennedy’s questions: Clouds linger over standing in DOMA and Prop 8

Now that legal activists and experts have had a chance to go back over the U.S. Supreme Court arguments in last week’s two big marriage equality cases, most are predicting victories but only incremental ones.

April Fool’s post: Wishes were ever fools

Anyone who checked for the Supreme Court orders list before 10 a.m. Monday morning knew instantly it was a prank. But a few followers appeared to believe it, at least momentarily and some didn’t seem to think it was

Prop 8 arguments roller coaster on standing and merits of marriage ban

The U.S. Supreme Court took the marriage equality issue on a roller coaster ride Tuesday as it heard almost 90 minutes of argument in the case testing the constitutionality of California’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Marriage cases preview, Part 4: Court day guide to the arguments

Part 4: Courtside guide. The avid reader’s guide to who and what to watch for at the Supreme Court on marriage argument days. The following is the last in a four-part series to prepare readers for what to expect March 26

Marriage cases preview, Part 3: Weighing the friendly advice

When the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to tackle a major legal controversy, such as next week’s marriage equality cases, it typically invites advice from groups and legal experts. These people are not a party to the litigation itself but have