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LGBT victories in Utah and Indiana but gay-baiting tactics in SC and NY

Two-thirds of openly LGBT candidates Tuesday won election or re-election, including to become the first openly gay mayor of Salt Lake City.

Initial snapshots of GOP candidates on LGBT issues: ‘Confuse everybody’

Studies have shown that only about one-third of LGBT Americans vote Republican, but there’s realistic chance a Republican will win the White House in 2016, so LGBT people need to pay attention to who might take the GOP nomination. The

Speed Read: ‘Raw nerves’ over book

Openly lesbian Massachusetts attorney general candidate Maura Healey racked up a string of endorsements recently from women’s PACS: EMILY’s List, Women’s Campaign Fund, Feminist Majority, and Barbara Lee. But openly gay Republican candidate for the U.S. House out of San

Speed Read: Voluntary appeal

Tennessee’s attorney general on Tuesday asked a federal judge in Nashville to stay enforcement of her injunction to require the state to recognize the marriages of three same-sex couples, and is appealing the order to the federal appeals court. A

Speed Read: Bias bill is pro-gay?

Proponents of a stalled religious bias bill in Kansas are sending out letters claiming the bill helps LGBT people. Uganda's president announced this morning he would sign the parliament's Anti-Homosexuality Act this morning. Big television campaign being launched today.

Group touts robo call attack on Romney

There was no surprise in Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary results: The field’s most conservative candidate, Rick Santorum, won primaries in two of the nation’s most conservative states. The candidate with the most stated support of Republican gays, Mitt Romney, tied

2011’s ever-entertaining GOP presidential race to the bottom

Few in the GOP field could rival President Obama with their records on LGBT issues, and yet, the outcome of the Republican presidential race riveted the attention of LGBT people in 2012. Many of the contenders were notoriously anti-gay. They

GOP Nevada debate: No marriage fight

Openly gay Democratic activist and political commentator Hilary Rosen predicted social issues, including those involving gays, would be a focus of the Nevada debate. There was reason to expect

DADT repeal booed during GOP debate

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was driven home before a national television audience Thursday, September 22. That’s when an active duty soldier in Iraq identified himself as being gay and asked Republican presidential hopefuls whether they would, as

LGBT issues again absent from Tea Party debate

There were no LGBT-related questions during Monday night’s Republican presidential debate (September 12), even though the driving interest behind the debate was the Republican Party’s far right-wing.