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Zero LGBT questions at one debate, a flood at another

There was a complete absence of questions about LGBT-related issues at last night’s (September 7) debate among eight of the announced Republican presidential candidates. That stood in stark contrast to just two days earlier (September 5).

Bachmann lands on top, Pawlenty exits, Perry enters

The Republican presidential campaign field took another big lurch to the right over the weekend, welcoming its newest and most dogmatic competitor, weeding out an early entry, and giving a boost to its most anti-gay voices.

Iowa debate: GOP pushing hard to the right on marriage for same-sex couples

There were several head-turning zingers, and combative attacks on fellow candidates in Thursday night's Republican presidential debate, but overall, the forum delivered a hard push to the right-wing on same-sex marriage and a stony silence for equality.

Republican field splinters on anti-gay marriage pledge

The campaign of Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney and four other GOP presidential candidates said this week they would not sign the bizarre pledge that at least two other GOP competitors did sign--a pledge that promises the candidate will vigorously

Some surprises in GOP presidential debate

The seven Republican presidential candidates showed some differences on gay-related issues in their first high-profile debate Monday night--with some surprises.

Former RNC chair comes out

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman acknowledged publicly this week that he is gay. Mehlman was a close colleague of President George W. Bush’s political architect Karl Rove.

Gay reaction lukewarm to President’s call to repeal DADT

Gay leaders offered only a lukewarm reception Wednesday night for President Obama’s statement, in his State of the Union address, that he would work for the repeal of the military’s discriminatory policy against gays.

Obama appoints first openly transgender people to posts

Amanda Simpson started work this week as one of the first transgender persons ever to receive a presidential appointment to an executive branch post in any administration. The honor as the first belongs to Dylan Orr, a 30-year-old law school