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Initial snapshots of GOP candidates on LGBT issues: ‘Confuse everybody’

Studies have shown that only about one-third of LGBT Americans vote Republican, but there’s realistic chance a Republican will win the White House in 2016, so LGBT people need to pay attention to who might take the GOP nomination. The

Speed Read: Wisconsin on hold

The U.S. Senate will take a vote today on whether to consider Darrin Gayles nomination to serve on the U.S. district court bench in Miami. A federal judge in Wisconsin granted a stay of her decision declaring the state's ban

Speed Read: Bathroom battle cry

Opponents of Houston's newly passed non-discrimination ordinance are going for the jugular: focusing on fears that respecting the rights of transgender citizens means opening up women's bathrooms to "predators, pedophiles, and rapists." At the same time this second-round is underway,

Federal judge says Texas marriage ban ‘demeans’ gays for ‘no legitimate reason’

A federal judge in San Antonio, Texas, ruled Wednesday that Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage violates the U.S. Constitution and demeans the dignity of gay couples “for no legitimate reason.”

Candidates defend views on marriage

The audience in New Hampshire listening to Saturday night’s debate grew noisily restless with reporters’ questions about the right to privacy as it regards contraception. But when the topic became same-sex marriage, they seemed to be listening more quietly

Perry, Gingrich playing to Iowa’s evangelicals

The television ad of Republican presidential long-shot Rick Perry, that pits gays in the military as the ideological foil to children celebrating Christmas, earned the candidate some tense moments on the campaign trail last week, from both gays and straights

Cautionary notes on LGBT foreign initiative

Republican presidential long-shot Rick Perry was one of the first to criticize the Obama administration’s newly announced initiative to push for the human rights of LGBT people around the world. But there were some cautionary notes from the LGBT international

Gingrich one-ups Santorum at Iowa forum

It was one of only four questions posed to each Republican presidential hopeful Saturday (October 22) at a conservative forum in Des Moines: “What, specifically, would you do to prevent abortion-on-demand and protect traditional marriage?"

LGBT issues again absent from Tea Party debate

There were no LGBT-related questions during Monday night’s Republican presidential debate (September 12), even though the driving interest behind the debate was the Republican Party’s far right-wing.

Perry: ‘Nothing’ to embarrass supporters

Texas Governor Rick Perry assured an audience of potential donors last weekend that there is “nothing” in his personal life that will embarrass them should they support his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.