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Counting states and calculating odds: Marriage equality still waits for nod from Supreme Court to finish the job

Trying to keep up with the number of states now issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples has been tricky business the past few weeks. The number of new states coming “on line” with marriage equality have changed almost every day

Fourth Circuit clash over Virginia ban: Whose children must the state protect with marriage laws?

The Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals hearing Tuesday was, as Judge Paul Niemeyer characterized it, just one step along the way to an eventual U.S. Supreme Court ruling on whether states, like Virginia, can ban same-sex couples from marrying.

Two edges of the same sword: Lessons from the Becker Book, Part 2

New York Times reporter Jo Becker's book paints an angry confrontation in May 2009 between the board of the American Foundation for Equal Rights and and four key LGBT civil rights legal activists when AFER unveiled its plans for a

New Top 5 LGBT Supreme Court Cases

With the release of the two opinions this week from the U.S. Supreme Court, the landscape has shifted, and these two decisions take their place among the top five most important decisions for LGBT people in the movement's history:

Scalia: The reasonable and the absurd. Part 2: A reduction to stone-throwing

The depth of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s discomfort for things gay became apparent in 1996, ten years after he joined the court. He had voted against the interests of gays before—allowing the U.S. Olympic Committee to bar Gay Games

Two giant blows against DOMA

In an enormous victory for same-sex marriage, a federal judge in Boston Thursday, July 8, ruled—in two separate lawsuits—that a critical part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional.

Judge’s Prop 8 questions portend ‘blockbuster’

The federal judge presiding over the highly publicized Proposition 8 trial distributed to attorneys on both sides of the controversy a list of 39 questions he’d like them to address during closing arguments June 16. It’s the kind of list,

Mass. likens DOMA to Colorado initiative that Supreme Court struck down

For the second time in three weeks, a federal judge in Boston heard arguments in a lawsuit that asks the court to strike down a significant part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

A Department of Silence: Bullying of LGBT youth not a priority

From the beginning of the Obama administration, the general attitude of the LGBT people was that things would be better for the community than they were under the administration of President George W. Bush. But even from the beginning, there

Stevens: a Republican who grew liberal with the times

Some court observers credit U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens with having forged a majority of the court to overturn laws banning private sexual relations between persons of the same sex—the most beneficial gay-related decision ever rendered by the