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Prop 8 trial: weak allies and powerful enemies

President Obama’s name keeps coming up a lot during the trial challenging the constitutionality of California’s same-sex marriage ban.

Olson firm has history of supporting gay marriage

It turns out that it shouldn’t have been a big surprise last year when conservative icon Ted Olson announced he would help lead the charge against Proposition 8, the initiative which bans legal recognition for same-sex relationships in California. Olson’s

Prop 8 – Day 5: The defense stalls and pleads fear factor

It’s not often one hears these words in a federal courtroom: “Dyke. You fucking dyke. You’re going to die and go to hell.”

Prop 8 – Day 4: From money to mental health

The discussion at the Proposition 8 trial Thursday swung from economics to mental health. Each inquiry had its legal purpose.