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2010’s events predict more, and less, in 2011

If past is prologue, 2011 should turn out to be a fairly decent one for the LGBT community. It’s not that everything turned out so rosy for the community in 2010, but the gains registered more powerfully than the losses.

Historic Senate vote: Congress repeals 17-year-old ban on gays in military

The U.S. Senate approved a bill Saturday, December 18, to repeal the 17-year-old law banning openly gay people from serving in the military. The roll call vote on the measure, which came to the Senate Wednesday from the House, was

Reid schedules DADT repeal cloture vote for Saturday

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced Thursday night that he was filing a motion to seek a vote Saturday to send the House’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” repeal bill to the floor. Meanwhile, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) announced Thursday

House to vote Wednesday on DADT repeal

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote Wednesday on a standalone bill, introduced Tuesday, seeking repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy introduced the bill Tuesday as a way of encouraging and speeding up the passage of a

Senate fails to bring DADT repeal to the floor

Thu. Dec. 9 - 4:10 p.m.—The Senate has just rejected an attempt to bring the defense authorization bill to the floor, effectively killing the prospects for repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell this year, and likely for years to come. The

DADT Day 2: Repeal supported

The second and final day of the Senate hearing on repealing "Don’t ask, don’t tell" has adjourned and the battle lines are still very much where they were at the beginning, with one exception.

Military leaders stand firm: For repeal

The Pentagon’s top four leaders stood their ground Thursday during the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the Defense Department’s report concerning Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal. But there was considerable pushback from Republicans on the committee—and not just John

DADT study leak mostly supports repeal

A 370-page Pentagon study on implementing repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will report December 1 that repeal poses only minimal risk to current war efforts, according to an article posted Wednesday night in the Washington Post.

Vote against filibuster fails; no DADT repeal today

The Senate rejected a motion to break a Republican-led filibuster against an annual defense spending bill that includes language aimed at ending the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law banning gays. The vote was 56 to 43.

Kagan acknowledges she’s “generally progressive”

One message Republicans tried to hammer away at this week, in an effort to derail Elena Kagan’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, must have struck many LGBT viewers of her confirmation hearing as deeply ironic.