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Speed Read: Booted from the closet

Oregon group is seeking religious belief exemptions through ballot measure. Congressional Black Caucus pressures U.S. to do more about anti-gay laws in Uganda and other countries. And a former Idaho state senator loses her visiting privileges after being found hanging

Speed Read: Arizona joins a trend

The Arizona Senate on Wednesday passed a bill that allows people to claim a religious belief in order to discriminate based on sexual orientation; the state House is expected to consider the bill today. A federal judge in Virginia ponders

Speed Read: Rice calls Uganda

White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice posted several messages on Twitter Monday, saying that she spoke “at length” with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni “to urge him not to sign” the anti-LGBT bill. Alaska warms to marriage for gay couples.

Speed Read: Wyoming nixes two bills

The Wyoming House rejected two marriage-related bills Thursday. The Indiana Senate on Thursday voted to agree to a ban on same-sex marriage passed by the House, meaning the issue can't reach voters before 2016. Missouri’s Democratic Governor Jay Nixon said

Speed Read: Surprises in Sochi

It wasn't a Dutch band but Sochi Olympics organizers themselves that included the iconic gay anthem "YMCA" on an approved playlist and pumped it into the speed skate arena Saturday. Holder's announcement on same-sex couples gets mixed reviews. And an

Speed Read: 40 arrested in Idaho

Police in Boise arrested more than 40 protesters for trespassing Monday as they stood silently for more than three hours, blocking three entrances to the Idaho senate chamber. Scotland becomes the 18th country to approve marriage equality. Virginia lawsuit heard

Speed Read: Tuesday 17 December 2013

The Senate votes today on the House-Senate budget agreement but the nation's largest LGBT community center says it still leaves community groups underfunded. Post-DOMA regulation changes may make it more difficult for students who have same-sex spouses or same-sex parents

Hawaii Senate sends marriage bill to governor

The debate went on much longer than expected but the Hawaii Senate voted Tuesday to give final legislative approval to a bill allowing same-sex couples to obtain marriage licenses. The bill now goes to Democratic Governor Neil Abercrombie, who has

Historic Senate vote: ENDA passes, 64 to 32

The U.S. Senate today approved the flagship piece of legislation that the LGBT community has fought for over the past 19 years and more. The vote of 64 to 32 marked the first time the Senate has approved the Employment

Toomey expansion of ENDA religious exemptions fails, 43 to 55

The U.S. Senate just rejected an amendment to dramatically expand the number of employers who could claim a religious exemption to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). The amendment, introduced by Senator Pat Toomey (R-Penn.), needed 60 votes to pass. The