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Olson lauds Virginia judge’s ‘eloquent’ decision, expresses confidence on appeal

A federal judge in Norfolk, Virginia, today struck down the state’s ban on same-sex couples marrying but stayed the execution of her order, that the state stop enforcing the law, pending appeal to the Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. The

Speed Read: Indiana dodges a ballot?

The Republican-dominated Indiana House cut out a significant portion of the proposed bill to ban same-sex marriage, potentially thwarting chances for the ban to be on the ballot this November. A report on the movement says that, beyond marriage, the

Speed Read: Indiana vote too close to call

The first critical vote on the Indiana House floor is expected today and one newspaper's head count shows a tie. Nevada AG concedes defense of ban will be difficult before Ninth Circuit. Sochi's mayor says there are no gays living

Speed Read: Sochi worries escalate

Worries escalate for LGBT people heading to Sochi. Obama administration will recognize same-sex marriages from Utah. Virginia's new governor keeps his promise on Day One. And more....

Speed Read: Thursday 7 November 2013

The Senate is expected to pass ENDA today at 1:45 EDT, but not before wrestling first with an amendment to dramatically expand who can be exempt from the law. Rancor continues in Hawaii as the House rejects attempts to delay

Speed Read: Wednesday 6 November 2013

Illinois becomes 15th state to provide marriage equality. Hawaii bill advances over another hurdle. Openly gay legislator becomes Seattle's first openly gay mayor. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid goads House Speaker John Boehner. And more...

Speed Read: Thursday 31 October 2013

ENDA now has a pretty solid 60 votes in the Senate to overcome any filibuster attempt to block a vote. Equality Florida lobbied aggressively for Senator Bill Nelson to co-sponsor and now all Democrats are ready to back the bill.

Speed Read: Friday 25 October 2013

Wisconsin Supreme Court considers anti-gay lawsuit's challenge to state's domestic partnership law. GLAD legal group honors author of historic Massachusetts marriage decision on tenth anniversary. McAuliffe continues to hammer Cuccinelli over anti-gay remarks. Maggie Gallagher knows how Romney could have