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Supreme Court finale: 3 big results

A church school that discriminates against LGBT people gets state funding; Arkansas does not get to exclude both same-sex parents from a child's birth certificate; and the Supreme Court cues up a fight for next session over a cake baker's

Gorsuch on Supreme Court: ‘Does not keep status quo’

LGBT legal activists are united in their opposition to federal appeals judge Neil Gorsuch. Though he is reportedly accepting of gay friends, activists say he is "recklessly conservative" and that he will be "far worse" than Justice Scalia, the justice

Supreme Court orders Alabama courts to honor Georgia adoption

“It is extraordinary to have a per curiam opinion with no dissents treating [the same-sex couple case] as the pretty straight-forward kind of [adoption] case it should be treated as,” said family law expert Nancy Polikoff. “It is terrific….It’s a

The looming dilemma: A long short list

Renown Supreme Court advocate Ted Olson remembers the first time he had a chance to argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court: He didn’t take it. It was a First Amendment case about billboards in San Diego. Olson had

Supreme Court rules Phelps hate protests are protected speech

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that an anti-gay protester’s demonstrations in close proximity to a private funeral service are protected by the First Amendment.

2010’s events predict more, and less, in 2011

If past is prologue, 2011 should turn out to be a fairly decent one for the LGBT community. It’s not that everything turned out so rosy for the community in 2010, but the gains registered more powerfully than the losses.

2010: The perfect alignment and the quiet costs

The suspense is over: The U.S. Senate finally took a vote on a bill to repeal the ban on openly gay people in the military and passed it, 65 to 31. Having Congress pass that bill, to repeal Don’t Ask

High court denies to break DADT stay

In a move that did not catch anyone by surprise, the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday denied a request from attorneys for Log Cabin Republicans to vacate an order that enabled the military to continue enforcing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Miller-Jenkins custody battle continues

For the fifth time, the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected a petition from ex-lesbian Lisa Miller who has been fighting a Vermont Supreme Court order that she share custody with her ex-civil union partner of a child they had together.

High Court ponders another exception to 1st Amendment

Fred Phelps’ followers say their hate-filled messages constitute a contribution to public discourse. But, in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, attorney Sean Summers argued that these messages, when conveyed outside the funeral of a fallen soldier, inflict an injury