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LGBT activists: ‘grave concerns’ about Gorsuch

President Trump's Supreme Court nominee clerked for the high court's most pro-LGBT justice, Anthony Kennedy, but his own judicial leanings seem much more in line with the court's most hostile justices. LGBT activists and Democrats vow to fight the nomination.

Why some think the dissent cries ‘wolf’ over Supreme Court marriage decision

The U.S. Supreme Court’s June 26 decision striking down state bans against same-sex marriage has been touted as “probably the strongest manifesto in favor of marriage” and pilloried as “a threat to American democracy.” The huff and puff will soon

Summer Finale: ‘doing this stupid thing’

A Seventh Circuit panel grilled attorneys for Indiana and Wisconsin this week over their reasons for banning marriage for same-sex couples. The Supreme Court extended a stay last week on a Fourth Circuit decision that Virginia's ban on marriage for

Speed Read: Preserving history

The number of LGBT-related hate attacks stayed relatively consistent between 2012 and 2013, according to a report released yesterday. The Secretary of the Interior will announce a new campaign today to identify places and events in the LGBT civil rights

Speed Read: Speaking of Dred Scott

The Tenth Circuit judges asked questions at yesterday's hearing to examine the similarities between the current challenge to a ban on same-sex marriage and such historic legal conflicts as the Dred Scott case over a former slave's status as a

Speed Read: Mississippi signs

MISSISSIPPI GOVERNOR SIGNS: Republican Governor Phil Bryant signed the Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act Thursday, saying it “will protect the individual religious freedom of Mississippians of all faiths from government interference.” The ACLU says the law, though less problematic than

Six million in U.S. have LGBT parent

As many as six million adults and children in the United States have an LGBT parent, and an estimated three million LGBT Americans have had a child at some point in their lives, according to an analysis released February 27

Massive survey finds twists in the urban assumptions about LGBT people

There’s a kind of urban myth that most LGBT people live in large urban areas on the west coast and the northeast region of the country and that they’re mostly gay, male, young, and white. But a new study out

ENDA: Now, it’s all about religion

Opposition to ENDA –the Employment Non-Discrimination Act-- was all about the bathrooms in the last Congressional session. This time around, it’s about religion. National Religious Broadcasters Association spokesman Craig Parshall told the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Tuesday

Federal appeals panel rules Prop 8 videos stay under seal

Most gay legal activists issued a subtle yawn in reaction to the 22-page decision Thursday by a federal appeals panel to keep the Proposition 8 trial videotapes under seal.